You Must Have A Big Dream And Passion To Set Up A Company

Statistics from a number of entrepreneurship surveys show that the majority of businesses that open their own businesses fail at the initial stage. I suspect that failure to maintain endurance is the main reason many business start-ups fail in the early days. However, that does not mean that business endurance cannot be trained or built. The proof, entrepreneurs who are now successful, generally can survive and escape the darkest times. Additionally, if you need some help to set up your company, we suggest you hire the finest service of company setup singapore.

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The following is a note about how to build and maintain endurance in doing business so that you can stay focused when opening a business, even though difficulties and challenges come repeatedly.

Have a big dream

Dreams are able to move mountains, so one of the figures of speech said. This shows how strong the influence of dreams, including in trying. Therefore, when deciding on our own business, we should have clear and specific dreams or ideals which are the raison d’etre of starting our own business.

The dream should be something worthy, worthed, to be pursued and fought for. If not, dreams will be easily defeated or secondary to the pressures of short-term needs and demands that usually seem more urgent to fulfill.

When a barrage of difficulties arises, dreams become an encouragement that supports us not to give up but instead looks for a way out. Dreams become the last bastion.

Work-based on Passion

Working because of the urge of love or hobbies will definitely be different results. There is a strong desire to give the best. Roughly speaking, we don’t even get paid, we want to do that.

Passion is a powerful encouragement when business is difficult. Even though sales are declining, because doing so is not due to profit demands, but because we really like it, we will continue to work to give our best.

Consistency of work at the end will bring appreciation.

Conversely, if a business is carried out out of mere hope of wealth, when challenges or difficulties arise, which undoubtedly must be in business, the spirit of never giving up easily wear off. There is no motivation from within that keeps the spirit up.

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