Types of Screen Printing

To make it easier for you to choose the best type of screen printing from Lesesne Industries, this time we will provide a list of screen printing inks that you can use on t-shirts so that they are durable and long-lasting and do not crack, loose, or be damaged.

DTG screen printing
DTG screen printing is often also called the DTG Print method because in order to do this screen printing the printer must use a printer as if it were printing on paper. Because using a printer, there are no color restrictions for shirts to be made, unlike in other screen printing methods. Usually, DTG t-shirt screen printing services do not need a minimum order and can make t-shirts individually.

Rubber screen printing
Rubber screen printing has a good level of adhesion to the t-shirt material, as well as its elastic nature making in type screen printing one of the best types of screen printing, and including the cheapest screen printing ink material.

Plastisol screen printing
Plastisol type screen printing will provide a bright color effect and has a wide selection of ink colors so that it can be adjusted to the basic color of the shirt, and has even become a screen printing used as an international standard, making it worthy of being the best type of screen printing for you to try.

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