Tips On Preventing Fire Caused By Shorted Electricity

Fire due to electrical short circuits may still be heard a little later. In addition to installing a bad electrical system, this can also be caused by excessive use. Therefore the importance of using reliable electrician services such as electrician Lexington SC for electricity at home.Below are tips to prevent fire hazards due to electrical short circuit:

1. Entrust your home/building installation to a certified electrician master.

2. Do not pile up the plug or power plug too much in one place because such a connection will continuously accumulate heat which can eventually cause an electrical short circuit.

3. Do not use indiscriminate electrical materials that are not standard even though the price is cheap.

4. If it is often broken do not connect it with wire fibers that are not functioning because each fuse has been measured the ability to accept certain loads.

5. Perform routine checks on the condition of the cable wrap insulation, if there is insulation that is peeled or has thinned to be replaced immediately.

6. Use the type and size of the cable according to the designation and current carrying capacity.

7. If there is a fire due to an electrical short circuit due to safety Mini Circuit breaker (MCB) is not functioning properly, turn off the power immediately from the kWh meter. Do not flush the fire source with water if there is still an electric current.

8. Avoid the use of electricity illegally because, in addition to endangering life safety, the act is also classified as a crime that is criminalized.

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