Permanent Damage of Drugs

Addiction is a disease that could cause serious harm to the body, no matter the substance abused. It is why it is better to take a specific treatment that a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center offers because they will have designed a treatment that matched with your needs in order to gain full recovery from addiction. The physical side effect of substance abuse could last for years or sometimes even forever. Cocaine is stimulant that causing damage to the hard every time used by the addict it could cause heart disease and heart failure. The heart is one of the most important organs in our body that not only affected by cocaine but also heroin. When using heroin with injection not only the skin that will be damaged because the veins could collapse and the blood vessels get infections. The substance could also increase the risk of high blood pressure that leads to heart attack and stroke.

Many people suffering from addiction have a problem with the immune system because their kidneys are badly damaged by the substance. Kidney failure is a serious condition caused by dehydration, increased body temperature, and breakdown of muscle tissue. Not only that because liver failure also happens to the person taking heroin and prescription opioids. This risk of liver damage is also higher when taking drugs mixed with alcohol. Any smoked drugs will cause diseases related to lungs like bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer. While all these side effects are scary enough the organ that suffers the most is the brain. Addiction could impair cognitive function that makes the person is having difficulty in learning and thinking. Drugs and any other addictive substances are toxic and kill brain cells. The damage is permanent because the brain cells could never come back to life.

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