Homeowners Might Be Interested In Hexagonal Tiles For Home Decor

Hexagonal tiles are a variant of several tiles. Most hexagonal tiles are always monotonous, have the same texture, and tend to have the same color blog link. However, have you ever seen if there are hexagonal tiles that have various colors and also textures for and different? an architect named Michael Herman recently showed off his work, which was actually inspired by an apartment that was built in the early 1930s. The apartment that was built by Le Corbusier shows an interesting texture with unique coloring. Now, the hexagonal tile style was adapted by Herman to create unique hexagonal tiles. Apart from that, if your hexagonal tiles become very dirty and stinky, don’t hesitate to call the experts of tile cleaning north shore.

This Type Has Unique Textures and They Are Colorful

Herman makes hexagonal tiles with unique textures and also with bright colors. This hexagonal floor is used to cover holes in the lower floor. However, the unique thing is that the terracotta floors actually cover the floor below which is covered with hexagonal tiles. The difference, this hexagonal tile is gray. The color combination of hexagonal tiles with the beauty of the gray room makes this room even more interesting to enjoy.

The gray color used resembles exposed terracotta nuanced concrete. In addition, Herman also compared the hexagonal floor with a distinctive blend of bright colors and accents in the form of a ceiling made of wood. This wooden accent is also added to the stone walls and the garden is arranged vertically in the room. This atmosphere certainly feels very comfortable, especially if it is used for relaxing.

The Application in the Bathroom

One room that can be used to apply the hexagonal floor tile concept in the bathroom. The bathroom has a unique potential to be installed hexagonal, especially on the floor. In addition, the shape of the hexagonal bathtub can also be an option to complement the built hexagonal concept.

The hexagonal shape can indeed be applied to a variety of modern architectural styles. In fact, tiles can also be hexagonal with interesting and unique textures. In addition to the floor, many other home furniture can actually use furniture that has a hexagonal basic shape. Furniture with this shape can be very prominent in your home.

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