Avoid opening the following email

Nowadays, e-mail has become a must for everyone, especially if they are students, workers or entrepreneurs. The ease of exchanging information and security are the main factors why email has not been replaced until now. We can see if the email used by the company can certainly have access restrictions, so there is no leakage of information and spam emails that point to the company’s email address. However, as security increases, criminals will also improve their ways to create chaos. For them, every security system must have a gap that they can exploit. For this reason, before you enter your personal or company email, you are usually asked for email verification so that the system knows if you are the person allowed to access the email.

There are several types of e-mail that you should not open because it has the potential to spread viruses or become a ‘spy’ and steal any information in the e-mail.

The email contains a suspicious attachment
The person who uses malicious e-mails for criminal purposes can not only send e-mails containing fake links. If that doesn’t work, they can send another malicious e-mail containing an attachment.

These emails are usually accompanied by several threats to open links and download attachments that are available. Some of these malicious emails are often disguised as certain company emails asking for payment or certain orders from a service that you may not have used at all.

Then at the bottom of the email, there is an attachment requested to be downloaded. If you experience a case like this and do not recognize who the sender of the email is, you should not download the available attachments.

Attachments in the form of htm and zip files are usually the most insecure attachments because they can contain malware or viruses. These types of attachments are commonly used for fraud under the guise of bank services. Emails from companies or banks that provide services in certain forms are usually only a notification nature, so it is very suspicious if they attach a file in it.

A notification appears from Microsoft Outlook
If you use the e-mail service from Microsoft Outlook for daily work, you might be able to breathe a little. Because Outlook will provide a notification if an email appears with attachments or dangerous content.

Unfortunately, many Outlook users often ignore the warnings of these dangerous attachments. All versions of Microsoft Outlook starting from the version of Outlook 2000 are equipped with a blocking feature for e-mails that are considered to contain viruses or threaten users.

Outlook itself will automatically block emails that carry dangerous content. But in many cases, the individual sender finally changes the existence or type of file so that it is not detected by Outlook.

In addition to blocking, Outlook will also provide notifications when there are dangerous spam emails. E-mails that if opened will download the attachment in it automatically. Opening spam emails of this type can also be a sign of verifying the validity of your email, so it is very likely that in the future the sender will continue to send spam emails or other dangerous emails.

Therefore, if you have previously received a strange email that has been blocked by Outlook, it is better to note the sender’s address and the pattern of contents of the e-mail as a form of anticipation in the future.

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